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Petit Daisy Necklace in orange, yellow and purple
Petit Daisy Necklace in purple
Petit Daisy Necklace in yellow
Petit Daisy Necklace in orange
Petit Daisy Necklace

Petit Daisy Necklace

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Daisies are a popular choice for flower lovers. Bright, colorful, cheerful, and easy to arrange with other flowers. Varying greatly in shape and size, they come in a variety of colors such as orange, purple, yellow and much more. Yellow is a symbol of friendship and happiness. Purple daisies signify pride, grace, fascination and charm. Orange daisies symbolize joy and sunshine! Wear this dainty necklace to keep your mood lifted and lighthearted. We have matching earrings but also are a great layering option with all our larger floral and celestial necklaces!

Item Description

  • Daisy pendant
  • 2mm cubic zirconia
  • Fine Silver
  • Approximate Size: Pendant - 1cm x 1cm
  • Included chain: Sterling silver alternating ball/bead 16”(40cm)