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Connecting with other bereaved parents like us through Olliebearboo Designs-Butterfly Run 2022

This year we participated in the Butterfly Run by donating some of our jewelry pieces to the auction and attended the Vancouver run in False Creek for the first time. For anyone that isn’t familiar with the Butterfly Run, it is a volunteer run group that supports those who have experienced infertility, pregnancy loss, and infant loss. It is a recent organization starting in 2019 and doing some amazing work around an unfortunately common but seldom discussed tragedy.

As parents of loss, this event was so moving to be a part of and strongly encourage participation even if you're there to just show some support for those around you.

Butterflyrun Vancouver 2022Butterflyrun Vancouver 2022Butterflyrun 2022 VancouverButterfly Run Wave of Light 2022


On October 15 was the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Another emotionally delicate day for those affected. At 7pm we lit a candle for the Wave of Light in support of everyone that has suffered a loss around the globe.

Unfortunately days such as this tend to be met with averted eyes until it affects you or someone close to you. We will always be there to recognize and support this community.

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