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From Start to Finish with Jewelry Creation at Olliebearboo Designs

Olliebearboo Designs

January 3, 2022

Making jewelry for Olliebearboo Designs is an intimate and intricate process that I always look forward to. All my jewelry gets created at my home by myself and everything is handmade. I’d like to walk you through the process of how I go from having an idea to finishing and adding a piece to the shop.


It all starts with nature. Whenever I need new ideas, I know I need to spend time outside. The beauty and complexity of nature never ceases to get my imagination working. Whether it’s from a nice walk in the park, a beautiful bouquet I treat myself from a local flower farm or discovering the flora of the west coast of BC, new pieces for the shop are soon to be made!


Once I identify the flowers I want to work with, I research their meanings and build a deeper connection with them.


I also think of connecting the jewelry to who I’m making it for and elements of their story if I’m privy to those details. The jewelry takes shape first from a loose sketch on paper, then transfers into digital drawings. Then, I model it in a 3D modeling program and 3D print all the designs into tools.


As for materials, I use a special medium called precious metal clay. It’s pure silver in clay form. I shape, mold, and create each of the pieces, and add the customized designs per each client’s request.


When it’s completely dry, I then fire it to become the final product. Afterwards, I file, sand, polish, and patina to achieve the final product. For other designs like my resin earrings, I measure, cut, and solder each bezel in place. To complete the design, I use dried flowers I collected, and then dry and press to create the final piece.


The final touch is to place the jewelry carefully into a pouch, then box, and package it up for delivery. And there you have it!